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Voice Solutions

Voice solutions services cater to various communication needs, from personal voice calls and conferencing to business communication and customer support. The choice of service depends on factors like cost, features, scalability, and specific requirements. These services have become increasingly important in today's interconnected world, supporting communication and collaboration across different devices and platforms.

UCaaS - Unified Communications as a Service

A cloud-based communication and collaboration solution that integrates various tools such as voice, video, messaging, and conferencing into a single platform, enhancing workplace productivity and flexibility.

CCaaS - Call center as a Service

A cloud-based solution that enables organizations to manage customer interactions, such as calls, emails, and chats, through a unified platform, enhancing customer service efficiency and scalability

POTS replacement

Due to FCC rulings allowing the retirement of POTS services by a new service is emerging. If you do not have a POTS replacement plan in place for your organization, now is the time to start a project to consider and plan. Whether we’re ready or not, the sunsetting of POTS and the end of traditional analog telephony is clearly on the horizon.

SIP - Session Initiation Protocol

SIP trunking is the digital method of making and receiving phone calls and other digital communication over an internet connection. The term trunk in SIP trunking refers to virtual phone lines that you can use to make phone calls over the internet to anyone with a phone number.

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